Quiktitanium is a hand kneedable, titanium reinforced epoxy putty adhesive sealant for high temperature applications. It comes in a convenient 4 ounce concentric putty stick with the curing agent encapsulated in the contrasting colour base. The putty-like consistency provides a ‘no mess’ gap filling application without the use of tools.

* low odour & easy to use.
* high temperature epoxy.
* reusable.
* adheres to many substrates.
* ideal for repairing iron pipes, tools, stripped threads and other exposed high temp. Applications.

typical uses:

* bonds and repairs materials that will be exposed to high temperatures.
* ideal for a variety of industrial maintenance applications.
* repairs to iron pipes, tanks, tools, equipment, stripped threads, blow holes, molds, patterns, castings, and duct work.


* can be sanded, drilled and sawed when cured.
* will not yellow under uv exposure.
* will not crack over time.
* easily stored in a tool box.

available colours & sizes:

* 7/8” diameter sticks.
* 7” (4 oz. ) length.
* packed in a reusable clear plastic tubes.