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SERIES 74 & 75 URETHANE RUBBERS recommended releases 2300 Silicone spray. For concrete use 2650 or 2601. These products cure over night to flexible, high strength mold rubber. Cast plaster and wax without release. Use release for concrete, epoxy, urethane, polyester and acrylic. Part C softener will reduce hardness with some loss of strength and longer cure, some shrinking after repeated castings.

Part X accelerator will speed cure. Thickeners, UV Stabilizer and Pigments can be added. Always verify with technical support and test before using additives.

POLY 74 & 75 Urethane mold rubbers available in shore hardness of 29; 30; 40; 44; 45; 55; 59; 60; 70; 75; and 80. Two part liquids that cure overnight. Ratios vary but many are 1:1. The product may be brushed or poured. No release agent is need for plasters or waxes. With release agents epoxy, polyester, urethane or acrylic may be cast. Part C softens these rubbers. Part X accelerates cure.

Polytek 77

Series provides excellent abrasion and tear resistance with high elongation. Great for plaster, cement and wax. Resins can be cast if proper release is used

Polytek 80 Series used for firm molds, mold facing, stamping tools, industrial parts, rollers, gasket sand bumpers. Tough durable rubber. Low sensitivity to moisture. Low viscosity for easy vacuuming

Polytek 72 Series used for wax casting in foundry applications

Polytek GlassRub for clear molds that can be cut away from the original. May yellow over time. Clear is great for original art and adding color.

POLYGEL A two part, 1:1 mix ratio liquid. Once mixed it immediately gels and may be brushed or toweled. Cures overnight. Adheres to polyurethane rubbers. Cast with plaster, wax or cement. Limited casting with polyester or epoxy is possible Available in shore hardness of 40 & 50 and in a Sprayable 50.

Polytek Polygel urethane Brushable/Sprayable Mold Rubber

Strong light weight mold shells, ideal for molds & shells built up by brush or spatula on vertical or overhead surfaces. Use for plaster, cement and wax. Limited casting with resins. Spray is great for large areas. These are 2 part systems that when mixed thicken to a brushable non-sag paste.

Sprayable requires meter-mix equipment. Contact us

Polygel 35 Shore 35 softest most elastic hardens in 4-6 hours

Polygel 40 Shore 40 low viscosity best air bubble release & brushing

Polygel 50 Shore 50 a thicker material great adhesive for fixing polyurethane molds and bonding molds to backing material like plywood.

Polygel-75 Shore 75 very fast setting (minutes) used to make a strong light-weight rigid shell, great over Polygel 35

All of the above are 1:1 ratio and come in 4–16–80 —900 pound kits.

POLY 81A high performance rubber for making tools, parts, gaskets, and engine mounts, bumpers and of course molds. Available in shore hardness of 45; 55; 90. Mix ratio of 5:1 except the 90 which is 5:2

TINSIL Cures in 16 hours to a highly flexible rubber with high tear strength. Comes in shore hardness of 10; 20; 25; 30 and 60. It is a tin-catalyzed condensation cure system. Mix ratios vary from 10:1 to 20:1. Silicone rubber releases easily and withstands high temperatures making it an excellent choice when casting with materials that generate heat such as polyester resin or low heat metals. Fastcast can be used for accelerated demold time. Silicone Fluid can be used sparingly to soften these rubbers.

PLATSILa platinum-catalyzed addition cure product. Superior to tin based silicones because it will not shrink on cure and does not produce alcohol which can inhibit urethane castings. This product has high tear strength, good chemical resistance and releases without the need to employ release agents. Shore Hardness 10; 15; 29; 30; 35; 40; 45; 60; Accelerators & Retarders are available. A Gel with a shore hardness of 10 is also available.


a lead free rtv rubber that when cured is non-hazardous waste. Suitable for plasters, cements and low heat resins. It comes in shore hardness of 10; 20; 30; or brush-on. Poly Bonding primer can be used to have rubber bond to surface.


High performance Alginate. Mixed with water. This product can be used with care against the skin to cast human body parts. The product shrinks as water evaporates so casts should be made quickly. Cast with plaster or low temperature wax.


Is a low shrinking, hard, dense, white wax that can be cast or carved. For casting it must be melted. Hot wax can burn skin and ignite.


One part, no mixing. It melts at 125f and can be reused. Since it melts at a low temperature it may be used with caution and attention to temperature, against the skin.


Two part foams that are castable and self skinning. Foam densities from 8 to 20lbs per cubic foot are possible. There are both rigid and flexible versions available.


A very low viscosity, polyurethane plastic. A mix ratio of 1:1, with a pot life of 2 minutes and a demold time of 20 minutes. Good strength, not brittle, white in color it can tinted or painted. Also available in a rotocasting formula.


A liquid plastic with a wood like low density. A mix ratio of 12:1, tan in color. Used for production parts, tools, models and general tooling.


A series of pourable casting resins with densities ranging from wood like to stone like. An aluminum filled version is available for high heat applications. Best used with a vacuum system. Use part X for fast setting. Use part F for foamer, foam is useful in slush casting to voids where it is not necessary to have 100% solids.


Are more heat and moisture resistant than urethanes. Various formulas are available 1) bonded bronze & lay-ups 2) Decoupage or glass bonding 3) Small castings 4) Large castings.


A two part water clear poly urethane. Low viscosity and long pot life, however, must be used with a vacuum or under pressure and at a minimum of 74f. If casting thick use Poly-optic retarder.


Series 70 Tinsil 71 & 73 Platsil

Tinsil 70 is a tin-catalyzed 2 part rtv rubber excellent for casting polyesters, epoxy, polyurethane, waxes and other items,

70-60 is stable at higher temperatures. 70 series releases alcohol, therefore, it does shrink a bit and may inhibit surface cure of polyurethanes. Platsil 71 & 73 are platinum-catalyzed 2 part rtv rubbers. They are superior to tin-catalyzed as they do not shrink or give off alcohol. While release agents are not required with silicones, adding a release agent will help demolding and prolong the life of your mold. Thinners, Accelerators, Retarders are available.

Platsil GEl-10 is a translucent soft rubber for delicate casts and special effects it is a 1:1 mix that has a 6 minute pour time and cures in 30 minutes. Avoid soaps, amines, sulfur, tin and silicone against it. It comes in 2, 16 & 80 lb kits.

POLYTEK Easyflo 60 * Poly 15 & Poly-Optic hard urethane

Easyflo Series are hard plastic like great for parts, duplicate masters, models and more all are 1:1 ratio, pour like water, set fast and no not bubble #60 has a pour time of 2 minutes and is white; #95 is off-white and has a 5 min pour time, #120 is like the 60 but for roto casting, Easy-flo clear is amber in color and has a pour time of 2 minutes. All come in quart, gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon kits.

POLYTEK 15 Series

Series 15 is also a hard non-brittle plastic that reproduces fine detail and can be drilled, machined and sanded, low shrinkage and castable in large masses. 15-3 and 15-3X resemble stone and are tan colored. !5-8 contains aluminum and is used for heat resistance is needed, for example a pattern for vacuum forming. 1512 and 1512x are white and used for casting or mold shells. All are 1:1 ratio except the 15-8 (26:100) and come in 4; 16; 80 or 900 lb kits.

POLYTEK 14 Series

Used when crystal clear, like water castings are required, however to achieve bubble free casting the pour must be deaired in a vacuum. The 1410 requires post cure. 1411 demolds quickly and is a nice hard plastic. 1420 requires post cure and be polished and machined, if not post cured it is brittle like glass. 1470 is a softer shore 70 rubber.


R-2 is a self skinning 2 part 1:1 pour in place rigid foam that has a free rise density of 2.5 lb/ft3

R-5 is 5lb/ft3

R-8 is 8lb/ft3

F-5 is soft flexible foam

They come in 4; 16; 80; and 900 lb kits

POLY LATEX 60 A one part brush on liquid that forms a tough rubber blanket mold. Peels off like a sock. Cast with plaster or cement. Also available POLY LATEX FALSE FACE for pouring or dipping.

POLY Latex 60

A one part brush on latex. Usually several coats are applied to build up thickness. Better tear strength than synthetic rubbers.


Is a hard, white, low shrinking, mineral filled product that melts at 210-280F. It is ideal for carving rough originals or casting detailed parts with smooth lustrous surfaces.

POLY Skin Wax

Safe for skin contact, one part, reusable. Melts at 125f. Watch temperature carefully if applying to skin.

Hyrdogel N Mold Compound

Mix with water to make a rubbery material that can be applied to skin or other surfaces. Mold will shrink as water evaporates so these molds have a short life and should be discarded after use.

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