Plastic World Plastic World Get the most versatile material.
Ideal for a wide range of applications.
Plastic World Clear Acrylic Clear Acrylic We sell Clear Acrylics in a variety of thicknesses.
We sell by the sheet, or by the square foot.
Plastic World Fluorescent Acrylic Fluorescent Acrylic We sell fluorescent acrylics in 1/8" and 1/4" thicknesses,
available by the sheet or square foot.
Plastic World Coloured Acrylic Coloured Acrylic We stock a full range of colours, as well as transparent
colours, tints and mirrored colours.
Plastic World Polycarbonate Polycarbonate We stock Clear Polycarbonate, and can special order
Tinted and Translucent White

Looking for more than just plastic sheets?

You came to the right place! Here you will find all plastic solutions to your business or need. We have: epoxies, resins, fiberglass, glues, solvents, cleaners, silicone and more. All available in our Plastic World online store.
Plastic World Roll of Plastic

Cut To Size

We in Plastic World will cut material to size for you often while you wait. For straight cuts under 10 pcs, cutting is free. Note: For more than 10pcs, or for angled cuts charges will apply.
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Laser Cutting

Have a project where precision is required? We have a Laser Cutter that can cut out your most intricate designs. Submit your vector file and a jpeg proof for a quote.  Please send by email found on our contact page.
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We can bend, weld, and router acrylics in house. We also make boxes and trays. Click ‘Contact’ and let us know how we can help bring your projects to life.
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