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POLYCARBONATE   “Lexan” “Makrolon

POLYCARBONATE is different from acrylic; polycarbonate is unbreakable, if hit it will dent but it will not break. This quality makes it a bit softer and less rigid than acrylic. It is more expensive than acrylic.

It is not UV stable. In sunlight it has life of 5 to 10 years. A UV treated version is available by special order.

It is lighter than glass, but will scratch more easily than glass.

CLEAR in stock
Some sizes in Black, white, colors by special order

Thickness .060(1.5mm) .125(3mm) .177(4.5mm) .236(6mm) .375(9mm) .476(12mm)

18mm and 24mm are considered bullet proof. They are available by special order

Sizes generally: 4ft x 8ft; 5ft x 8ft; 6ft x 8ft;

LEXAN brand has thinner smaller sheets for printing needs;

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