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We stock 4’x8′ sheets in .020, .030, .040, .060 and .118″

Vivak® sheets are a versatile range of high-quality co-polyester sheets with superior properties. They are equally successful in meeting the highest technical and design requirements. The Vivak® brand´s consistently-high quality is based on the use of selected raw materials and the comprehensive quality management of all production processes certified to ISO 9001. Vivak® sheets are made of PETG raw material. They are light, extremely resistant to breaking, and highly transparent. In addition, Vivak® is resistant to weathering and, depending on the application, UV-stable. Their good fire behavior makes these co-polyester sheets a reliable solution in many fields of application. Easy forming at low temperatures saves energy and allows shorter cycle times, as well. So Vivak® provides an added plus on productivity. The wide application spectrum of Vivak® sheets ranges from deep-drawn parts to shop equipment up to protective linings. With Vivak® a selection of co-polyester sheets is available which combines attractive appearance with convincing processing properties.

Special Advantages:

compatible with foodstuffs odorless
impact resistant at low temperatures

for medical applications:
prostheses and special equipment
shop fittings
cooling counters
protective glazings

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