E-6100 Non-Sag Formula won’t slump or run, allowing for maximum control. This adhesive is ideal for overhead and vertical use, such as HVAC system repair or wall paneling installation. Use E-6100 wherever nails won’t work, or for such vertical applications as sign installation and roof flashing.

Used for commercial, plant and fleet maintenance. Sets and seals aluminum window frames. Repairs concrete and asphalt cracks and secures countertops. Coat steel support structures to prevent corrosion, Bonds housings on monitors and motion detectors. Affix acrylic sign letters to wood, concrete and metal. Coat tools to protect and provide non-slip grip. Secure metal hinges or fixtures to wood. Build fashionable glass block walls. Adhere belts and buckles to fabric. Automotive phone and antenna installation. Repair rubber dock bumpers and conveyor belts. Fill and seal cracks in concrete flooring. Seal junction boxes against moisture, seal copper and galvanized pipe, adhere metal to metal, cement brick or cinder blocks in place seal PVC and ABS pipes, seal difficult cracks in concrete and cinder block walls, repair cracks or broken glass, coat terminal strips and PCBs against moisture and vibration. Repair stripped threads in wood. Repair plastic containers. Patch and coat workers gloves, Repair canvas and plastics. Fleet maintenance use to seal windshields against moisture and as a lock washer agent in high vibration areas. Repair loose battery posts. Seal worn heater hoses. Seal leaky water containers. Use as corrosion resistant coating against salt. Repair canvas covers. Adhere side molding around doors and windows. Adhere rear view mirrors. Repair tears in vinyl seats.

Properties (Cured):
Hardness: 80A
Tensile strength: 3,800 lb/in2 (ASTM D-412)
Elongation: 900% (ASTM D-412)
Chemical resistance: excellent to water, dilute acids & bases
Temperature range: -40 °F (-40 °C) to 150 °F (66 °C)
Paint-over time: 24 hours
Dielectric strength: 400 V/mil (ASTM D-149)