E-6000 Self-Leveling Formula. An indispensable maintenance tool, E-6000 allows the kind of permanent repair and maintenance of equipment that may have been too expensive or difficult in the past. E-6000 provides adhesion strength and versatility not found in silicones and rubber cements. Its strength in adhering metals, glass, rubber and plastics makes it a universal vehicle maintenance and repair solution. Also, because it’s self-leveling, E-6000 may be used as potting material in electrical and computer applications.

Flammability: NONE, this product is non-flammable when cured.
Flexible: Does not become brittle in cold weather; can bond items subject to vibration.
Chemical resistant: Safe for applications exposed to dilute acids and dilute caustics.
Vibration: Great for bonding substrates subject to high-wear.
Waterproof:Can be submerged in fresh and salt water after complete cure.
Paintable: Paint to match surrounding area or make UV-resistant.

Plant & Fleet Maintenance
› Repair rubber dock bumpers
› Seal plastic containers
› Repair stripped threads in wood
› Seal PVC, copper and galvanized pipes
› Adhere metal to metal
› Repair cement brick or cinder block cracks
› Seal and repair cracked or broken glass
› Coat and seal electrical connections and battery terminals against corrosion
› Seal windshields against moisture
› Mend rubber floor mats and weather-stripping
› And Much More!

Substrate Choices:
Brick, Ceramic, Marble, Tile, Canvas, Fabric, Leather, Vinyl, Concrete, Glass, Fiberlass, Aluminum, Brass, Iron, Steel, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Rubber, Wood, Composite Board

NOTE: There are many more substrates E-6000 series of adhesives can bond too, be sure to test before use.

Tack time: 5 minutes
Full cure time: thin film: 24 hours; thick film: 48-72 hours
Color: clear, white, gray, black