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Liquid rubber for building molds and masks.

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Liquid rubber for building molds and masks. Now you can duplicate figurines, sculptures, and other items with safe, brushable, latex rubber MOLD CRAFT. MOLD CRAFT will not stick to metal, clay, ceramics,plaster, wood or placecene clay. MOLD CRAFT molds are durable, reusible and economical to make. The molds you make form MOLD CRAFT can be used to cast paper, plaster, candle wax, Soap Craft Soap and Clear Casting Resin.

Quick Drying
Fast Build Up
Economical to Use
Peels Easily From Model
Flexible and Stretchable
Harmless to Most Surfaces
Requires no Mold Release.

MOLD CRAFT can be used in conjunction with polyester casting resin, urethane resin, apoxy resin, plaster, clay, candle wax and soap.

Porous surfaces, such as wood, plaster and clay, should be coated with paste wax or other sealant; brass or copper should be sealed with shellac or a clear acrylic spray.

Simply apply a thin layer of MOLD CRAFT to the original item to be molded with a paint brush. The next layers will ensure that even the finest details will be duplicated. The next layer should be brushed on when the first layer is tacky to touch, and should be applied slightly thicker than the first. A minimum of five layers is recommended. When the mold is completely cured and is at the desired thickness, simply peel the mold off of the original piece.
TIP: Using a hair dryer will speed up the curing time in-between layers considerably.

To produce a stronger mold, cheese-cloth or medical gauze can be embedded into the mold by pressing pre-cut strips into the second to last layers while they are tacky to touch.

After every use, clean the inside of the mold, making sure it is free of any moisture. Sprinkle baby powder or talc on the inside and store in an air-tight, sealed bag.
NOTE: Use of petroleum products grease or oils is not recommended.

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