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Amazing Mold Putty is an FDA compliant 2 component silicone mold putty. It is extremely easy to use by hand mixing 2 equal amounts of the yellow and white putty and cures within 20 minutes that gives users a flexible rubber mold with exact detail. It is the best product for making quick molds for resin, plaster, polymer clay, wax, chocolate, soap, and much more.

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Color Yellow
Mix Ratio 1:1
Open Time 2-3 min.
Demold Time 15-20 min.
Mixed Viscosity (cps.) Putty
Specific Gravity 1.29
Shore A Hardness 20 A
Linear Shrink (%) Nil
Tear Strength (ppi) 35
Tensile Strength (psi) 300
Elongation 100%
Temperature Resistance (F) -67 to 395
Vacuum Required N/A

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2/3 Lb, 3 Lb, 6 Lb

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