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Sheena, of Tulika Design, had us cut some intriguing pieces of coloured mirror on our Laser Cutter and it all came together in a very interesting wall feature.

Project Name: Māyā

Description of Project:
An exploration of the interplay between acrylic reflective materials – once brought together, exemplify the magic(māyā) of the natural world.

Materials & Methods (Laser Cut/Saw Cut/Fabrication) used from Plastic World:

Acrylic Mirror: gold, green, blue
Installed using variation length standoffs

If applicable, how did we help:
Anthony provided solutions for the install, and problem solved during the whole design process. Plastic World also provided delivery solutions for such fragile pieces.
Creator’s Name:
Sheena Tulika Bhattacharya

Company Name:
Tulika Design

Company Description:
Founded in 2012, Tulika Design is the art production and visual design work of Sheena Bhattacharya, in collaboration with film, web development and illustration creatives. We are an art and design collaborative, specializing in developing whimsical and tasteful solutions to a variety of design problems. 

What is your specialty:
Large scale wall installation

Contact Info:

Instagram Info:

Facebook Info: @tulikadesigncreative

Available for Hire: Yes