This story is a little older, but Ryan Lowe made such a great video it has to go up on the blog.  Thanks for sharing the video with us Ryan, and WELL DONE!

Project Name: The Birth of a Freshwater Surfboard.
Description of Project: Ryan is a Web Designer by trade and a Surfer by hobby.  He Came in to the store sometime in early 2016, and was on a mission to make a surfboard.  Naturally he selected our Plastic World Surfboard Laminating Resin, and some Fibreglass Cloth, among other supplies like a Foam for the base.  We didn’t hear from Ryan for a couple of weeks, maybe months, and then he sent us his Video and we were blown away!  Have a look for yourself.
Materials from Plastic World:  Fibreglass Mat, Surfboard Laminating Resin
Creator’s Name: Ryan Lowe
Company Name: Butter Web Design (Peterborough, ON)
Contact Info (email):
Available for Hire: Yes, for Website work.