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Proper epoxy curing and full development of its physical properties requires a precise ratio of resin and hardener. The WEST SYSTEM 300 Mini Pump Set makes it easy to dispense the proper ratio, while eliminating the hassle of measuring by weight or volume. These calibrated mini pumps deliver the correct working ratio with one full pump stroke each of resin and hardener. They mount directly on the containers and can be left installed during storage.

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They’re conveniently packaged, too. Each set contains three pumps: one resin pump, a 5:1 ratio hardener pump that fits on 205 Fast and 206 Slow Hardener cans, and a 3:1 ratio hardener pump that fits on WEST SYSTEM 207 Special Clear and 209 Extra Slow Hardener cans. So if you decide to switch hardeners, you’ll already have all the pumps you need right on hand. To prevent mix-ups, 5:1 hardener pumps will fit only the throat of 5:1 hardener cans, and 3:1 pumps fit only 3:1 cans.

These are durable polypropylene pumps not only give years of dependable service, but can be used with WEST SYSTEM group sizes A, B, or C. They come ready to fit the popular group B size, and the pump set package contains an extension tube for use with the group A size. Group C resins and corresponding 3:1 hardeners, pump extension tubes are packaged with the cans. As needed, group sizes can be effortlessly combined by simply switching extension tubes.

The 105/205-206 pumps dispense approximately .8 fl. oz. of resin/hardener while the 105/207-209 pumps supply .9 fl. oz.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1 in

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