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Amazing Casting Resin is an extremely easy to use casting resin that hardens in less than 10 minutes. Very thin consistancy and a 3 minute open time allows you to pour perfect parts everytime. (16 oz. size available under Starter Kits.)

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Mix Ratio (wt. or Vol.) 1:1
Pot Life 2.5 min.
Demold Time (100 gr. Mass) 5-15 min.
Mixed Viscostiy (cps.) 90
Specific Gravity 1.05
Shore Hardness 72 D
Shrinkage (in./in.) .004
Tensile Strength ( 4,700
Elongation (in./in.) 10%
Temp. Resistance 140 F
Flex Modulus (psi) 200,000

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16 Oz, 2 Gallon

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