This is a really interesting collection made by one of our regulars here at Plastic World.  His name is Chris Harms, and he’s a Sculptural Artist.   One more thing about Chris, he really loves our Fluorescent Acrylics.

Project Name:  Excavation series

Description of Project:  Creating a series of representational excavator buckets from fluorescent acrylics and rods.  Heavy duty equipment created with a minimalist aesthetic.

Materials & Methods used from Plastic World: Mainly Fluorescent Acrylic sheets and rods cut primarily by hand with a coping saw and molded with a heat gun.

If applicable, how did we help:  Always helpful with cutting down large acrylic sheets and having a great supply of product.

Creator’s Name:  Chris Harms

What is your specialty:  Sculptural artist.

Contact Info:


Instagram Info: @chrshrms

Available for Hire: Yes