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Molding Plasters

MOLDING PLASTERS are not avaible online at this time, please email, call or visit us in store for more information

USG No. 1 Molding Plaster The industry standard for figurines, plaques and lamp bases. Special additives maintain smooth-working qualities and upon drying, result in a hard working surface with reduced paint absorption and a degree of chip-resistance. Superior to white art plaster.

Hydrocal White A good general use product that offers a gradual setting time and a long period of plasticity. Recommended for solid and hollow casting of lamp bases and figurines. Designed for thin sections, which require high green strength to minimize breakage during removal from intricate latex mold.

Hydro-Stone One of the hardest and strongest Hydrocal products. Recommended for producing high quality novelty and statuary castings requiring extremely hard surfaces. This product is self leveling when poured and not suitable for hollow cast applications. Mechanically mix for best results.

Drystone This product has a strength approaching resin and does not require expensive drying. Drystone is harder and more chip resistant than Hydro-Stone. Available in solid or hollow cast formulas.

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