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PlatSil 73-Series

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These addition-cure silicone mold rubbers are soft to mid-range hardness, high-performance, room temperature curing (RTV) systems offering excellent flexibility and toughness allowing durable molds to be made from relatively simple to the most highly detailed, undercut and complex models. PlatSil 71 Series silicone mold rubbers are supplied as pourable liquids so poured block and blanket molds can be made with ease. In addition, these rubbers can be thickened to a user-controlled thixotropic consistency for brush-on mold applications using PlatThix liquid thickener. PlatSil rubbers offer an optimum blend of performance and versatility for most mold making challenges involving resin and foam casting, plaster casting, art foundry wax casting, sculpture and d├ęcor reproduction, and for numerous hobby, craft, prop and display mold making and casting projects. Features Shore A~30 to A~60 hardness liquid mold rubbers High-strength, long mold life formulas Excellent chemical resistance No shrinkage upon cure Reproduces finest detail over and over and ... Can be accelerated for rapid cure Ideal for the most demanding resin casting applications

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