Matt has been a customer of ours for a few years and has created some really interesting retail spaces.  Check out his project below:
Project Name: Kodak Lens | Centerpoint Eyecare

Description of Project: Trust, Teamwork, Commitment, Communication and Innovation is Kodak Lens’ core values. The company has a solid reputation across Europe and plans to do the same across North America. Having entered into an overly saturated eye product market, Kodak Lens shall be a common name in the eyewear industry.Kodak Lens Centerpoint Eyecare is the inaugural second store to open in Canada. This modern eyeglass dispensing and optometry store immerses the consumer in an art gallery of spectacles. The interplay of lights and reflective surfaces are subtle backdrops to the ordered eye products on display and the showcasing of the newest technologies in eye care practice.

Materials & Methods used from Plastic World:  Red, White and frosted plexiglass.  Each piece was cut to the specified sizing to clad the exterior of the store and the red feature wall.  Material for the signs were supplied from Plastic World.

Creator’s Name: Matthew Fung
Company Name: Project 708 Design
Company Profile: Project 708 specializes in custom architectural and interior designs, ranging from residential to mixed-use commercial spaces.
Contact Info (email)
Available for Hire: Yes
Project 708 Design – Kodak Lens Retail